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How do you skive off work? Elsewhere on the BBC. However, while the use of a "snow day" to get away with doing little while claiming to work is something of a cliche, on social networking website Twitter some are quick to highlight some new-found benefits of not being chained to the desk. But for others this is just wishful thinking. And despite problems using the company servers, she says her laptop and mobile phone have kept her in touch with those who did make it to the office. And, yes, you do deserve it.

Working from home is in vogue. From trendy companies like Google to the boring old CBI, everyone is at it. But is it actually helping anyone? Earlier this week our Marketing Director Karen Webber posted this LinkedIn post about how much value she gets from being able to .

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Or is "working from home", for many, tantamount to being no more than a bit of a skive? Benefits. Kent, she has been accessing her work e-mails from home. work, 11% worked from home, with another 12% unable to work at all. Is ‘working from home’ a skive? January Kindly contributed by Dave Norgate, Bromley Adult Education College. Search for Dave on Page 7 of 7. Is ‘working from home’ a skive? Tom White 7 th December Print page. Share: It’s a long running issue that speaks volumes about leadership, management, motivation, the nature of work and the whole viability of the ‘teleworking’ concept. As the article suggests, staying in the warmth and trying to do your job without leaving.


I once worked in a hospital garden where my workmate skived off every day with "backache" and disappeared to work on his car at home. —Louis De Bernières Origin and Etymology of skive. A skive is just a day, a few glorious hours when your children are at nursery when you set out – not to work as everyone thinks – but off for some fancy-pants brunch with today’s paper before heading to the afternoon matinee. Dec 01,  · Or is "working from home", for many, tantamount to being no more than a bit of a skive? (48%) of British workers felt under pressure to get into .

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