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Being a stay at home mom or dad takes serious planning if you want to get it right. The days of the one income family are long gone. In most cases, you can set your own hours and make enough money to keep your family above water financially. Best of all, you get to spend quality time raising your kids!

Freelancing using skills you already have is a great way to make money while staying home with your kids. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to pick and choose projects as you like. You can take on as much or as little work as your schedule allows. There are tons of skills that lend themselves to freelancing, such as:. These are just a few of the skills you can get paid for as a freelancer.

Pretty much any computer skills you have can be a moneymaker in the freelance marketplace. The great advantage to being a freelancer is that you can keep your business skills sharp without having to work full time! Building a business on Etsy is a great way for stay at home parents to make extra money. Etsy is an online marketplace for creatives to display their wares and make money in the process.

All you have to do is set up your Etsy shop takes just a few minutes and start selling! As you build a business there, you might even find you want to transition your Etsy shop to a full time work from home business once the kids are older. Who needs to go back to the corporate world when you can do your own creative business? Garage Sales - Buy, Sell, or Trade. For sale- Sparkly ruched spring dress- Girl size Why is transcription so difficult?

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Your Best Money Saving Tips. Business Advice and Topics. How do you keep track of business expenses, sales, ect.? What is the best exercise to loose belly fat faster!! A heads up before you join an affiliate marketing program. What is your fav TV Show?? Question of the Week. Which do you prefer Shopping Online or Going to the Store. Why do some parents prefer to homeschool their kids?

Meal of the Week. Work at Home Dads. Stressed being a WAHD. Soon to be Army wife with lots of questions. Breast Cancer Awareness and Support.

Share your thoughts, stories of survival, wishes for fighters, and memories of lost loved ones. Would be gender neutral and wouldn't exclude people without kids ;-.

That's a great idea and useful thoughts to ponder about if you're thinking of becoming a stay and work at home dad. Our plan is to have both of us working from home in a few years. I'm taking the plunge first, but my partner would like to be a work at home dad.

He's just as involved with the kids as me. Definitely a great topic to raise awareness on. Anyone can work at home, if they are willing to work hard and accept it's not always the easy route. What is niche marketing and why do so many people encourage us to focus on ni Work At Home Dads. Can Dads Work From Home? Do You Work From Home? Only logged-in users are allowed to comment.

Only as a Mum - and I'm loving it. I would not want to back to work outside the home again!

Work From Home Jobs You Can Start Now

Many Work at Home Dads have a real estate business, a sales business or they do freelance work such as writing, building websites, affiliate marketing or other online marketing activity. Essentially, any work that is available for women to do at home is open to men if they qualify and of course they want it. is the number one resource for work at home moms. Find work at home jobs, information on how to start a home business, join the WAHM forum to share your stories on everything from childcare and parenting, to working at home. Apr 29,  · Welcome To The MomTraffic Forum Where Moms Shop from Moms/Women/Online Marketers. Welcome To The Message Boards/Special Anouncements from the Administrators. Board Threads Posts WAHD (Work at home Dads) *New* This Catergory is where Work at home Dads can hangout and specifically.


Men are under more pressure than ever to be ‘the everything’ at work and at home. That's why we created working dads connect. You can: Improve work and family balance outcomes for dads, and; Provide a forum for working dads to . Jennifer and Steve made the decision a couple of years ago that Jenn would work as a professional for a local company and Steve would be the full-time, caregiving stay-at-home dad. In previous roles, an at-home dad found male friends through work or school. But at-home dads are typically much more isolated as noted above. The National At-Home Dad Network, our local at-home dad groups, annual convention and discussion forums.

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