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I am just learning about this opportunity. She chronicles her journey with balancing motherhood, work, and finances on her blog, My Debt Epiphany. Data Entry Provider 4 years ago. More by this author Harlon Agsaoay. Where do you live?

Based on the latest wage information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following positions represent the top-paying jobs you can do from your home efotoc.tkr: B. C. Forbes.

Top freelance transcription jobs

They may hold a Ph. Doctor of Philosophy or a Psy. D Doctor of Psychology , depending on the program of study, which must be accredited by the American Psychological Association. Because increasing numbers of women are electing to have their babies at home, the demand for certified midwives is rising. A midwife assists with everything from prenatal care and delivery to routine exams and other aspects of maternal health. It's necessary in this profession to visit the homes of your patients — but you're routine paperwork and planning can be done from home.

Midwives are typically experienced registered nurses who obtain a master's degree and certification in midwifery. If this sounds like a good fit, but you don't want to earn a nursing degree, look into becoming a doula. Doulas provide one-on-one support to laboring women, but they don't require as much schooling as a midwife. At this time, I wasn't able to find any companies that hire remote midwives.

From what I know about the industry, most midwives tend to start their own home-based businesses. Much like a career in midwifery, a career in occupational therapy may mean visiting patients outside of a clinical setting and helping them readjust after illness or injury. Occupational therapy's history can be traced to when a group of OTs argued that a patient's well-being is connected to social and economic factors in addition to physiological factors.

You will need a master's degree in Occupational Therapy. OTs also have to pass the exam administered by the Board of Occupational Therapy. One of the great aspects of being a registered nurse is the variety of work you can perform. With all the advances in technology, RNs can now work-from-home doing case management, medical record review, teaching, consulting, as well as telephonic assessment and care.

With the high demand for qualified RNs — you're sure to find something that suits your personality and needs. Once you've graduated from an accredited program, you will need to pass your state's board of nursing exam to secure your RN license. Traditionally, the pharmacist worked in a hospital or drug store, but with today's technology, they can do a wide variety of pharmaceutical jobs from home. Positions like remote order entry and screening and verification can all be done from the comfort of home.

Pharmacists must obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy Pharm. Depending on the gig, you might be updating existing websites, creating new templates, helping to develop new websites and apps, and other related tasks.

Online community management positions are a growing area for part-time work. Responsibilities typically include updating web content, managing social media, providing system administration, writing content, and creating reports. A small amount of previous merchandising experience is needed for these types of jobs, where you'll support a merchandising team by maintaining and updating information such as reports, samples, and updates from other teams. For someone with multilingual skills and previous legal experience, bilingual legal assistant jobs are often project or temporary jobs where you'll help an organization with a specific case or issue, reviewing legal documents using your language skills.

Make no mistake — photography side jobs require someone who is highly skilled in photography and related software use for editing and retouching photos. Previous photography experience is almost always required, and graphic design and Photoshop experience is a plus. Plenty of part-time bookkeeping jobs exist, for both small and large companies. The responsibilities typically usually include using QuickBooks to do reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.

Copyeditors and writers can be responsible for the writing, execution, and proofreading of materials across digital and print platforms. You need lots of previous experience as a nanny or childcare worker, and excellent references. How much training do you need to be a bus driver — and is it feasible for college students? It depends on your past experience and college schedule. I hesitated to put this on my list of high paying jobs for college students, even though freelance writing can pay very, very well.

Start pitching ideas to magazine editors. Read How to Get Money for College. The most successful salespeople work at car dealerships, electronics stores, and investment banks. Go to the car dealership, store, or investment bank in person. About five years ago, the Canadian government banned foreign dancers.

So, nightclubs in Toronto recruited college and university students — and Tim Lambrinos of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada says almost half the dancers at some clubs are college students.

Prepare to audition, and search the internet for more specific tips on getting hired. What would it be like not to have to work at all?

You might think about getting a scholarship. I tried cleaning houses when I was in university, but got fired after the first day. But, it was a high paying job when I was a student! Try not to get a job that is more than an hour from your home — because time is money.

Your environment dictates your wages. You can do the exact same job in two different places, and earn widely different amounts of money. One of the highest paying jobs for college students is NOT to start a business because it takes too much time and effort. For instance, blogging is my small business. I love blogging, and hate having to drag myself away to class.

In this blog post, I listed the best paying jobs for college students who have time to work.

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