Would Cavey Wavey do Taffy Waffy a widdle favey wavy? Don't speak to him in that stupid voice! A child in Jack and Jill says his nighttime prayers for fear of being a "heevin" and being "frowed to the trockindiles". Helen has a younger brother who's one and a half named Jake. Suzie Wong of Digimon Tamers talked this way. Recorded And Stand Up Comedy.

Jan 13,  · I want to use this commercial for an aid to a presentation I have to give in child development. I believe it was a visa commercial and is about the typical mom not being able to speak in anything other than baby talk after being at home with her child all day. That gives you the quote "is daddy waddy home from worky jerky?" and Status: Resolved.

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McCoy, holding a newborn baby: An obscure Earth dialect, Mr. If you're still confused, consult Linguistics. And you're my outlet Michele. Once her ruse is revealed at episode's end, however: Too wittle, too wate. In the new Hawaii Five-0 , it's revealed Danny is called "Danno" because his daughter couldn't say "Daniel" properly. This leads to mockery from Steve throughout season one and Steve's Catch-Phrase: He doesn't react well: Excuse me while nicey-wicey puddy tat takes a barfy-warfy in the grassy-wassy.

In a previous one, John is the culprit Would puddy tat wike a bowl of milk? Would funny-wooking man wike a milk bath? He asks this while providing it Garfield: Josh Blue has a variation on this. People talk to him like he's mentally challenged when he's just got cerebral palsy. I get people saying stuff like, "Hiiiiiii But that's because she's 4 years old. In Marco's storyline in Battle Fantasia , all of his "r"s are written as "w"s "that's not faiw" instead of "that's not fair".

If you can't see Tails or Classic Tails, this is the easiest way to distinguish the two. Classic Tails still mixes his Ls, Rs and Ws. It's time for a little punishment! I'll let you feel the most exquisite pain! In Dead Winter , the Flight portion of Liz's fight-or-flight response is represented by a little girl who speaks this way.

Sarah talks this way to keep Pandora from panicking while James takes a blood sample. In Commander Kitty , Zenith talks this way to her giant chimera monster.

Agatha's golem stepparents had a daughter! She doesn't like being baby-talked. Pix from L's Empire talked this way right after he was born due to a combination of being a Fourth-Wall Observer and lacking the muscle memory to properly form sounds his thought bubbles have normal text. This goes away after a week. For example, a leader of a feral herd of fluffies is a "Smarty Friend", a mate is a "Special Friend", sex is oddly yet fittingly referred to as "Special huggies", and more. They also talk with a speech impediment, so the already altered term for a herd member now comes out as "Smawty fwiend".

This is more prominent in a variant of the Fluffy pony derpy hooves, who's speech is literally just friend, and is even more impediment, making it "fbwend". Averted with the baby versions of the main characters, who speak in chipmunked versions of their own voices.

Her firstborn, however, turns out to be so cute that she breaks out of character as a heartless bitch and utterly snuggles the baby tigress in baby talk. Language input does not compute. Does your bummy-twoshoes feel comfy-plumpy? The baby photos of the six clothing store owners who work at the Marketplace are described like this. Look at those widdle faces! In the movie, Dr Strangeglove, the villain, mocks Moshlings little animals common in the setting of Moshi Monsters with baby talk.

Of course, ickle Shishi. Seeing as you said "pwease". You think he can defeat the doctor?! Dil took it even further than the rest of the main characters, being the youngest. Babbles to Maggie, who giggles Marge: Maggie loves baby talk! Baby Ponies in G1 of My Little Pony 'n Friends didn't state some words when they talked, and didn't have correct grammar, so we had sentences like "Me try", "Get checkers", and "Maybe play now". In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Applejack begins comforting the apple tree she's delivering in baby talk after Rarity accuses her of treating the tree like her baby.

Humourously, Rarity sometimes speaks to her cat like this. Fitting since he's a baby dragon, but he doesn't find it amusing and promptly breathes fire at the doc. Spike's friends sometimes call him, "Widdew Spikey-Wikey," though. And he doesn't seem to mind at all. Since it's just Rarity that calls him "Spikey-Wikey," and he has a secret crush on her that everyone knows about she is probably the only one he'll allow to talk to him like that.

Then again, he'd allow her to do amost anything she wants to him, he's that smitten. Pinkie resorts to doing this with Mr. However, considering that said foals are only a month old, it's justified.

Cheerilee and Big Macintosh speak to each other in this manner in the Hearts and Hooves Day episode as a result of the "love potion" the Cutie Mark Crusaders had given them.

They continue to speak this way at the end of the episode after the love potion had worn off to torment the CMC as part of their punishment. In the episode "Apple Family Reunion", there is a flashback of Applejack when she was just a baby.

When a challenge on Total Drama involves carrying napping babies through sound-sensitive areas, Max the self-proclaimed EVIL mastermind baby talks to his infant throughout the whole challenge. What's even more funny is he mixes this sappy baby talk with his usual EVIL schtick.

It's surprisingly effective too. But it is implied, especially by the adults around him who treat him like a fractious toddler and baby-talk him, that all they can hear is baby-noise and the tantrums of a typical "Terrible Two". Lois never hears or responds to his blood-curdling threats of matricidal violence, for instance, and carries on baby-talking him as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

Taffy from Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels will often talk like this to Captain Caveman when she wants him to do a favor for her, when that doesn't work a kiss from her usually will. Would Cavey Wavey do Taffy Waffy a widdle favey wavy? Rosie does this in earlier episodes of Caillou , but no longer does in the newer episodes. Franklin 's sister Harriet in Season 5 and the earlier specials. She grows out of it by the time the spinoff, Franklin and Friends , rolls around. Beaver also speaks in baby talk to both her pet hamster Henry or "Chubby Cheeks, yes, he is a widdle Chubby Cheeks In "Fairly Odd Baby", Timmy speaks this way to his new fairy godbrother Poof before noticing how stupid he sounds.

Doc herself speaks this way when talking to Suki. Also, Lala, the toy Doc chooses for her adoptive sister, full-stop.

Kaeloo does this to Mr.

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In a VISA commercial, a stay-at-home mom has become so accustomed to using this kind of talk with her toddler, that she has forgotten how to speak normally. After she's been dealing with the child all day, when her husband comes home from work, she greets him with a high-pitched, uberhappy, "Is Daddy-waddy home from worky-jerky?". [Archive] Is Daddy Waddy home from Worky Jerky? Efficacy of babytalk? In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) Straight Dope Message Board > Main > In My The OP, came from a commercial that is running here in New England, which depicts a mother staying home with her son, and she is feeding him right as Daddy walks in. Feb 18,  · Next scene: Dad gets home. Mom greets him at the door, tilts her head, and says: "Did daddy-waddy have a hard day at worky-jerky?" Next scene: Dad (recognizing that this woman has to get out of the house) goes online and purchases opera tickets for that night.


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