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Sounds simple and easy, right? Who am I adroberson98 gmail. Work at home craft assembly summary While not every work at home craft assembly job is a scam, even legitimate craft assembly companies are getting some heat for their slow turnaround times and high product rejection rates. I really wish you the best! After your kit arrives, you dutifully review the DVD or instruction manual and put together your first batch of products.

Easy work great pay offers home assembly jobs such as cd cases, assembling Beaded Jewelry, Circuit Boards, Picture Frames, Key Chains and wooden clocks. Part Time Home Assembly Work From Home Opportunities & Assembly Jobs | Home Assembly.

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Upon my initial search, I found numerous companies that allow you to assemble stuff at home and get paid. The items include chains, jewelry, charms, pins, bookmarks, crosses, doll house furniture, magnets, electronics, and circuit boards. They all have a similar process in place. Once the assembly kit is received individuals put the things together then sell them back to the company for a profit. In fact, one company boasts that it only takes 5 minutes to create an item, but upon further investigation, many people claimed it took 30 minutes or more to make one bracelet.

While there is going to be a learning curve with any new endeavor — these types of opportunities negatively use up your time, money, and crafting supplies, leaving you with little to no profit.

And when I looked at these companies the reviews were overwhelmingly negative. To be fair, there were a few individuals who said they were making money with these assembly opportunities.

Meaning that these companies paid people to write fake, positive reviews. There are too many red flags and not a substantial market for these sorts of products.

And if you need more how to do it information check out Craftsy for classes and this post on how to set up a craft business — good luck! Have you purchased a work-at-home assembly kit? What was the outcome? Drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you! This page includes some referral links.

Please see our disclosure policy for further information. There is an add top right of your page saying an hour work.

Just thought Id let you know because thats the kind of claim that, potentialy, leads people to bad experiences. I could be wrong, just in case a nasty false ad slipped through your notice. All the best Holly. Thanks for your concern! By the way they use email and if you email them they will always respond quickly and thoroughly- by phone you usually have to leave a message, but they will call back.

This is my experience with home crafting and I am so glad I found them, I was certain all these places were scams trust me I have tried others too until I found them and I work hard at it and I do make money!

Hi Diane, Thanks for your message. I also found the following link wherein people say that the kits take too long to complete http: I hope this helps! Not approved, as yet…this will be my last try. I believe in their program this is why I have stayed with them..

I hope I am not wrong.. I feel I have found the craft, I can actually do…it has come out great. If not, well I will see. The one that said they rejected their sample well of course they did because they mark their samples so they know when someone sends on in.

These people are not just selling at craft fairs but they sell at boutiques and other places as well so they must have high standards. I make a very nice monthly income with this company and it allows me the luxury of staying home which saves me lots of money. If you can make designs on the computer, though, you may wish to give Cafe Press a try.

I really appreciate this information. I was thinking about signing up for magicalgiftdollhouse, but I was worried about it being a scam. Please tell me if there is any legitimate work at home assembly companies? Thanks for your comment, M. These product review writers usually have some hidden agenda and are just trying to recruit people into the scam. I researched New England Crafters for weeks and talked with my husband about it extensively before signing up. This was before I knew of paid forum posters.

Your email address will not be published. Keeping the Internet Honest. You might end up with a bunch of cool arts and crafts supplies. Full Review Are you a crafty person who likes making jewelry, magnets, stuffed animals, etc? Sounds simple and easy, right? Here are some testimonials from various work-at-home craft assemblers who tried to make a little side income through work at home craft assembly jobs: RipoffReport lists at least 22 complaints about TinyDetails, most of which focus on the following issues: The materials the company sends are shoddy and misaligned, so one can never make the high quality products that are demanded.

Repeated calls, voice mails and emails are left unanswered. Work at home craft assembly summary While not every work at home craft assembly job is a scam, even legitimate craft assembly companies are getting some heat for their slow turnaround times and high product rejection rates.

Halina Zakowicz Halina Zakowicz is a full-time freelance writer, investor and aspiring sci-fi novelist. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And I definitely don't feel comfortable recommending them, either. That would be a lot of money lost on their end. However, I hate the fact that so many people lose so much money trying to get involved in this with no idea of what it actually entails.

It's not instant cash — it takes time to get your starter kit in the mail, make the crafts, send them back, wait on approval, then probably get your samples rejected and have to try again. And then there's the waiting game again with shipping stuff back and forth and also the likelihood that you won't get paid for every piece you send in because some won't be up to standard.

I can't deny the fact that some people are assembling crafts at home and earning money. You can read this thread on home craft assembly jobs at WAHM and see that for yourself.

And if you're one of those people, please don't get upset by this post. I'm not slamming on what you do. I just want to make sure that people who are considering it know what they are getting into. If you look closely at the thread I just posted above, you'll find many people claiming to have been scammed.

No big surprise there as the majority of these companies actually are scams. This is why you have to be very careful when getting involved in things like this. So you're a crafty person and you think that home assembly jobs would be ideal for you because of that. Well, here's an even better idea: Make and sell your own crafts!!

And if you don't know how to make crafts, take a free online class at Craftsy to learn how. If you can make things, you can sell them. Believe me, there's a market out there for you somewhere. You can test the waters by taking pics of your crafts and uploading them to sites like Etsy or Artfire.

If you'd prefer not to bother with the computer, you can try selling at flea markets and craft booths.

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Would you like to work from home assembling jewelry or crafts? There are lots of companies who offer work from home assembly jobs, but are these gigs legit? WAHM, Work at Home, Work at Home Assembly Jobs, Work at Home Opportunities, Work at Home Scams, Work from Hom. Comments. Gina says. July 3 at am. Need a job. . Another option is to work for a company assembling products for customers. You won’t be working from your home, but you will have flexibility, and if you like building things it’s a way to get paid to do it. You might be wondering if home craft assembly is a legit work at home profession. Unfortunately, many people lose many testing these waters. This is why I don't recommend home assembly jobs– because this seems to be the story all too often. I can't deny the fact that some people are assembling crafts at home and earning money.


Nevertheless, starting with a list of about widely advertised work-at-home positions, RetirementJobs winnowed companies offering bona fide opportunities in 18 areas, including health care. Learn to start an art and craft business with any crafting skill like woodworking, sewing etc. Join our newsletter for more opportunities to work from home. How to work and earn from home with art and crafts. Work At Home Assembly Jobs 10/03/ Create Gift Wrap Tissue FREE List of Top + Work At Home Assembly Jobs Sample Type of Work: Type of Work: Assembling Cool Scarves Payment Description: Contact the company for additional information This product is very easy to make. Choose to work full or part time.

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