Clinical Informatics

A nursing informatics program will have a class titled, impact of informatics in nursing. February 1, at Apply to vendors, and also check out the dental informatics field; see which companies in the dental field are out implementing software; hospitals tend to be harder to break in because most of the gatekeepers in there are nurses, and they have the flawed mentality that only nurses or clinicians can do the job; obviously these nurses have not worked for vendors. Because of all the advances in technology, it is now possible to work from home in almost any profession, and it is turning out to be a pretty lucrative option for many savvy nurses. Best places to look for the job is to go to http: July 1, at

Home Informatics jobs available on Apply to Financial Planning Analyst, Academic Advisor, Software Consultant and more!

What about work from home nursing jobs?

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The reality about nursing informatics salaries

MSN in Nursing Informatics required or “BSN to DNP” with focus in informatics. Minimum of years of work experience in Nursing Informatics. A New Kind of U. If you need flexibility, working remote from home can be a fantastic choice. Your RN license can still help you earn an income, even if you work from home. Other Work from Home Nursing Job Options. As already mentioned, nursing is a profession that’s only growing positively in scope and demand. Clinical Informatics is the application of informatics and information technology to deliver healthcare services. It is also referred to as applied clinical informatics and operational informatics. It is also referred to as applied clinical informatics and operational informatics.


Health IT is definitely booming - hospitals and health systems are rapidly implementing both electronic health records and clinical information systems, and informatics nurses . Nursing Informatics Job Salary Information. The median salary for professionals specializing in nursing informatics was $79, This is a fairly high salary for health care professionals. While nurse practitioners earned median salaries of $96, in , registered nurses earned $65, and licensed vocational nurses earned $41, Clinical informatics specialists work with the systems used to digitalize medical records. As a clinical informatics specialist, you will be responsible for creating processes and improving procedures as well as documenting them for the staff.

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