Why I (Often) Work From Home And You (Maybe) Should Too

As long as you limit what you do, so that you can get rest and get better then what you do at home is your business. I personally did not experience this. Two hours a workday adds up to almost 22 days a year of commuting. What would happen if every working person on earth called in sick and stayed home for one day? According to the Census Bureau, 8.

Mar 15,  · Subscribe To The Forbes Careers Newsletter The reason you're not allowed to work from home is that fear grips the corporate and institutional landscape, and many leaders are .

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There are some excellent places to review legitimate work-at-home jobs. The best places to look for information are forums and review sites that include information on the jobs and opinions from people who have worked for a company. Some websites post screened job listings; others are purely informational. It is important to do research on a company by looking into their records with the Better Business Bureau and checking for evidence that they've scammed others in the past.

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The Misrepresentation of Facts at a Job Interview. How to Earn Google Income from Home. Professional Licenses and Exams. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. However, the few employees that have the ability to work from home can call in sick and work from home without using any vacation time. Do you think it is easier for them to call in sick since they can work from home? I hate to get sick for the very reason that I have to use my precious vacation time.

I wish I had the ability to work from home when I get sick. That is exactly happening in my workplace and I am feeling negatively. Certain people just used that reason again and again to work from home and I have to come into the office to do hard copies job and multi tasking.

From home, they can do only 1 relaxing job. I hate boss let them use that reason again and again to work from home. Why not having a schedule for people to work from home and if someone called in sick, they can work from home and not be scheduled to work from home next turn?

In response to what you threw out there — I say yes due in part to greater job satisfaction and also because we have more flexibility to do our jobs. Ladies — thank you for the very thoughtful comments!

Angie — Yes, this seems to be a touchy subject. I think what happens is a few bad apples spoil it for the bunch, so managers are always questioning if their employees are really sick or if they are just playing sick.

Thanks for your feedback. Individuals perform better when they are healthy, well-rested and feel like they are balanced. And, yes the world will continue to go on with out them. You then in turn take that mentality and transfer it over when you work independently from home.

One of the best decisions you can make is to recognize that sick or not, the world will go on without you. May as well take some time to care for yourself when you really need it if you plan to be in business for the long haul. I am a full-time employee with benefits.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was in the hospital and on bed rest for the last 4 weeks of the pregnancy. I did not go on maternity or disability leave until the day the inducement happened!

At home I laid on the couch with my laptop on the side table! I have taken sick days, bereavement leave and still manage to at least check email during those times. I take those times very irregularly. Should we be able to call in sick? I for some reason feel guilty. I feel I have to at least open my laptop in bed and do something. I broke my foot last year which would have warranted at least 4 weeks off of work if I had an outside job.

I took a few hours weekly to go to doctor, but I was right back at my desk when I got home…despite the pain and exhaustion. Your email address will not be published. Comments As a person that has to go into work each day with staff that can stay at home and work I have a different opinion on this.

Holly, In response to what you threw out there — I say yes due in part to greater job satisfaction and also because we have more flexibility to do our jobs.

Spotting a Scam

But while we hate to say it, the effectiveness of working from home really does depend on a number of circumstances. Getting To Work For starters, one of the greatest perceived perks for working. There are many reasons that people may decide to start working from home. Child-care costs can be unreasonable in some areas, and rising fuel costs can make commutes unaffordable. It is important to thoroughly research work-at-home opportunities, as many scam artists have made people looking for work their favorite. Jan 27,  · Working from home can be good for your health and productivity. Not only did people who worked from home report greater work satisfaction and less "work .


“Yes, it is OK to call in sick when you work at home. No different than when you work in an office outside of the home. Each of us of course has a different definition of what it means to be too sick to be our best at work. Q: Some of my staff wants to work from home. Should I let my employees telecommute? A: It's definitely worth considering. Sure, you're wondering if your employees will be doing laundry on your. Her employees can't work from home, but she can bring her home to work.) A case-by-case look at who should and should not be telecommuting makes sense. A blanket edict against the practice does not.

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