Getting Home Late From Work

Julie Morgenstern is a professional organizer and productivity expert. Title of your comment: Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. You were late getting home. Late people always aim to arrive to the minute, leaving no room for contingency.

I was home late from work, and needed to accept the consequences I knew as soon as I saw the taillights in front of me; I was screwed. I had a very short window of time during which I could get home from work, or else I would be in a lot of trouble.

1. You’re Out-of-Sync With Most People

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Stories Poems Story Series. Tags Portal Chat Forum. Adult Store Movies Webcams. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: You have a new user avatar waiting for moderation. Select new user avatar: Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. She typically arrived and left at the office couple hours later than me. Since I knew we were sending the microsite to the client that night, I had no choice but to hop back on the train, run into the office, resave and send the files, then get on the same train back home.

The whole ordeal took around two hours. And I run into issues on the other end as well: Because everyone started so late, they stayed late as well.

As a result, I ended up lingering till 6: Having engaging conversations, remembering names , being outgoing: Plus, you can forget about drinking any alcoholic beverages. The last time I accepted a glass of wine at a late-night event, I almost fell asleep in my chair. This problem extends to non-formal networking as well. A couple times, I tried asking people to do things in the morning instead. As I mentioned, my body is trained to wake up early. While early risers are probably reading this, nodding their heads, and debating becoming night owls—rest assured, there are workarounds!

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His footsteps were coming down the hall, and thankfully I had already managed to undress. As I listened to him walk towards me I glanced in the mirror to my right. You are late leaving work and you're rushing to get home as you are supposed to meet Daddy there at 6 on the dot. You feel frazzled as you're running late as your boss stopped you on the way out to ask a few questions that could have easily waited until tomorrow; you need to stop and pick up your dry cleaning, you need to stop at the store and pick . Finding Home you made it to work in 12 minutes flat doesn’t mean it takes 12 minutes to get to work. Step 2: Never plan to be on time. Late people always aim to arrive to the minute, leaving.


We've all been late for work at one time or another. But not all of us are that creative when it comes to making excuses. 10 excuses for being late to work I’ll be late because I fell asleep on the train home and missed my stop, only to wake up three hours further down the track and not able to get back the same evening. This employee. Oct 15,  · How to Apologize for Being Late to Work. Most of the time when you're late to work, it's due to circumstances that are out of your control, like a sick child or traffic jam. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. I had an unexpected crisis at home that demanded my attention. I understand that my absence came at an %(1). In fact, I almost wish I’d never started getting up and getting to work so early. What I would give to be a night owl! OK, not a night owl, .

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