Facebook Work From Home Program is Scam

Start your journey with awesome opportunities here- https: I received an email from an unfamiliar person who attached a link that ended up as orbitnam. So then there is no confirmation if your payment went through. I wish scammers would fall into a hole. Why would a company like Facebook releases a picture in the name of a guy who is totally fake? This is what it showed:.

Is Facebook hiring work at home employees? Report Abuse I received a personal message from a Phyllis? at the bottom right of my screen saying I was selected to work from home for Facebook.

Do Your Really Get $500 After Watching The Video?

Work From Home Jobs Website. Job Offers in South Africa. Jobs in Pretoria Business Service. City of Cape Town Vacancies Website. All SA jobs, internship, learnership, business and investment opportunities Bookstore. Looking for a job? Amaphisi Farmers Agricultural Service. Pages Liked by This Page. Work From Home Jobs updated their cover photo. The date of publishing of the news is found to be changing daily dynamically.

Is it to make it look fresh? Also all the other details can be found as morphed up on keen observation. We have tried to dig a little deeper about the details of this scam and found the following astonishing facts.

The title of the website localnews If the title of the website is found to be something that is related to dieting and fitness, how come the website not not load?

This is what it showed:. The expiration date of the domain is found to be If this program is real, how can you expect it to end within 3 upcoming months? The registration link is total different from the this news published link. This is what it looks like: Let us consider that the news is published in a real website like fox news, but what is the need to elevate the topic for such a popular news channel in a promotional way along with how-to-register links in it?

We have tried to dig out details for the registration link that is specified above. The registration domain is found to be registered in the month of March, and it is going to expire in an year. Why could company like Facebook not register a domain for 5 years at least to work along with a business plan?

The comments below the news article are put to manipulate the judgment of the reader. In fact they are not the real comments nor even real Facebook profiles. If we see the source code of the page, we can recognize them as fake profiles.

Take a look at the following screenshots:. Also the timestamps of the comments are found to be so recent and you can observe it in the source page. Earning online is same as earning offline. You have to put the effort and time to make the decent figures. Would you be paid just to walk-in and walk-out from your office building? NerdWallet identifies simple ways to save money. Tutoring websites serve as directories to make you easier to find, but these sites can charge either a commission on your earnings or a flat membership fee.

Your best bet might be to contact an interested party directly by searching for jobs on Elance, Craigslist or Monster, thus avoiding the fee. A web search evaluator performs a search, then tells the company whether the result was what he or she expected. A legal transcriptionist is provided with an audio file and is then asked to write down what he or she hears. However, excellent English skills are required.

If your workday is frequently interrupted, project-based jobs like transcription might be better suited to you.


A new Facebook hoax claims that you can enter a “Work From Home” program, and make enough money to live comfortably. Unfortunately, this post is nothing more than another Facebook scam. The Facebook “Work From Home” scam claims that Facebook is hiring workers who want to make money from the comfort of their own couch. According to this message, Facebook has released a new work from home program. A link in the message takes you to a 'breaking news' report that provides details about the supposed program and invites you to click a further link to sign up for a 'Facebook Millionaire Kit' at an initial cost of $4. Is Facebook Bonanza Legitimate or a Scam? The Truth is Shocking! The offer first began to appear in and lead people to believe that Facebook itself had a new “work from home” opportunity. There is very little information available as to who started the business, or even where it came from. had to become educated to spot the.


Daily source of legitimate work at home jobs that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Customer Service, Chat Agents, Freelance, SCAM FREE. Facebook Work From Home Program is Scam This is our urgent blog post in order to warn everyone that there is one message circulating the internet through emails and facebook comment section claiming that "Facebook has now released a “Work From Home Program”. Work from Home and Make Money Online, Chicago, Illinois. 26K likes. Strategies on working from home and make money online.

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