How to Write a Letter Requesting Time Off From Work

Next, outline your responsibilities and detail how much time you spend working on each one. It would mean a lot to me. Making calls is easier and so is zoning out on tasks that require a ton of focus and not a lot of distraction. He also has a BA in both English and philosophy. Except that not everyone works in an office.

If you would like to work from home, you should make a written request to your supervisor either in a letter or email. This initial written request may need to be followed by a formal application, forms, and documentation as required by your employer.

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I carefully waited to discuss what I wanted until the odds were stacked in my favor. To do this, I wanted to make sure that I had deposited a surplus of social goodwill into my work relationships. While you might not have a big project coming up as I did, you can still apply this principle by regularly going above and beyond for your employer.

Take on new responsibilities, seek out new projects that will impact the bottom line, and most of all, find ways to do work that makes your boss look good. In my case, I worked in a multimedia department and we just had a project handed down to us that was a significant undertaking. It involved photographing over seven hundred physicians in a two hundred mile radius within the span of two months.

I was tasked with project management and overseeing the organization and execution of the it. That meant ensuring all the photographers had the right information, scheduling all of the shoots and making sure that post-production went without a hitch.

The biggest challenge was controlling the photography and lighting style from one shoot to the next when we had over a dozen photographers with varying lighting set ups, cameras and different ways of seeing things. There was also having to deal with reshoots and corrupt memory disks. With all of this, the success or failure of the project rested on my shoulders.

If you want to be seen as indispensable, make it your daily mission to make the lives of those you work with easier, especially those higher up than you.

I was working on my own business at the time and it could have been easy for me to give a half-hearted attempt at the undertaking. But I chose to see my day job as a springboard for the business I was creating, not something to be compartmentalized and shoved into a corner.

I went to extreme measures to deposit an abundance of value into the bank account of my work relationships before I ever requested anything. The next step for me was to get a recommendation from my direct supervisor.

My boss the ultimate decision maker trusted her judgment because she was closer to the daily operations of our team. I regularly found ways to make her life easier and I knew she appreciated that. It would mean a lot to me. Bringing in that letter to the official meeting with my boss went a long way to helping me get what I ultimately wanted. Before I had the official conversation with my boss I wanted to be able to clearly demonstrate how much time I had saved the company by working more efficiently.

Just as a seasoned general steps onto the battlefield confident in victory before he ever fights, I knew that I had to win first and then discuss the details with my boss. I tried to emulate every possible scenario I could imagine and determine in advance how I would respond in each situation, much like you would prepare for a job interview.

I also made some key changes to my work and recurring tasks that I was prepared to present to my boss during the meeting. I optimized and streamlined many of the repetitive tasks associated with my job. I created checklists for bigger recurring projects.

I batched much of the mundane work and implemented personal productivity practices that made me much more efficient. One of the most effective techniques I implemented was the Pomodoro technique, which is essentially setting a timer for twenty minutes, working on a selected task, then taking a break for another five minutes.

Having a deadline is one of the best ways to force you to make a decision. But one of the biggest changes I made was automating an extremely tedious and manual part of my job.

It basically amounted to creating and sending certificates to recipients of our employee recognition program. One of the key traps I wanted to avoid was letting the conversation become fear-based and defensive on the part of my boss. To combat this, I made sure that I made my boss feel heard and went to great lengths to address all of her concerns. This let her know I was taking this seriously and to preempt any potential fear or defensiveness that might come up.

Secondly, to remove all of the risk, I presented the idea as a trial run. Working from home was simply the right thing to do. It saved gas, cut down on traffic and pollution, and the overhead needed to keep the office powered constantly. But first I want to show you how I completely streamlined this repetitive part of my work that used to take forever.

You know that certificate fulfillment process we used to have? It would save you guys a lot of money, and it would make my life way easier. To make it fair to you guys, and to make everyone comfortable, we could do it on a trial basis, say, for 14 days, and then evaluate.

If it is working, we can just keep checking in to make sure everything is going smoothly. How does that sound to you? Print off at least one copy for the recipient and one for yourself. It is always a good idea to have copies of formal documents of this nature. Be straightforward, brief, and honest. This is a formal letter, so be formal and professional.

Do not give too much information. Your manager does not need to know, for instance, the nature of the disease that you or a family member is experiencing. Do not indent paragraphs in a business letter. He also has a BA in both English and philosophy. He currently teaches reading comprehension and basic composition at Camden County College.

Some of his interests include acoustic guitar, martial arts, generic outdoor activities hiking, astronomy, etc. Off to work we go image by Keith Frith from Fotolia. Tip Be straightforward, brief, and honest. Warning A poorly written request can damage your reputation in the workplace. Thanks and Regards, Lisa Doe, Director. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! October 21, at Sample Request letters-1 Sample Letters says: December 7, at July 12, at 8: April 26, at 8: March 28, at 7: April 18, at 3:

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It goes on to request a formal work-from-home arrangement on a part-time basis. If you would prefer to work from home on a full-time basis, here's an example of a request letter to review. When you're putting in a request to work from home, be sure to mention how you will get your job responsibilities done when you're not working in the office. Every Work Template You'll Ever Need, Templates, Tools & Skills, Bosses, Working From Home, Syndication, Communication, Remote Work Photo of person working courtesy of fotografixx/Getty Images. Stacey Lastoe is the Senior Editor/Writer of The Muse. Working from home is off limits or reserved for the privileged (although this study by Microsoft claims over 40% of companies actually have a work-from-home policy). Face time matters more than results.


Sample request letters with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. Write your request letter today. Convincing Your Boss to Let You Work From Home If you are currently employed but are experiencing challenges due to your MS, you may want to consider a reasonable accommodation request to work from home one or more days a week. Subject: Requesting permission to work from home due to Inclement weather. I, Sara, working in xxxxxxx, as a assistant on your team, am writing this letter requesting you to allow me to work from home.

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