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The culture is quick and hard charging. Employers, post a job here. There are really well run teams You can count on them as long as your priorities are aligned. Subscribe to GeekWire's free newsletters to catch every headline. There aren't many slackers here, and they don't survive long.

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Is it hard work? So I'm not calling that a 'con'. Really smart people, a lot of opportunity for growth, always encouraged to be innovative, think big, and create something new.

Competitive salary and benefits with other major tech companies. No dress code and 4 legged friends are welcome. You have to be self motivated. NO ONE will hold your hand and tell you that you're doing a great job. If you need constant affirmations from management, this company isn't for you. More on-boarding training before new employees are thrown in the fire. The first couple of weeks can be very confusing on where to find the information you need that pertains to your job. Jeff Bezos and his "S-Team" are brilliant and continue to make great decisions for long-term growth.

You work with smart people, you work on exciting projects, you are pushed to your limits The diversity of the potential work and innovation can be very alluring. I've often called Amazon my "Sexy Mistress The management process is abusive, and I'm currently a manager.

I've seen too much "behind the wall" and hate how our individual performers can be treated. You are forced to ride people and stack rank employees I've been forced to give good employees bad overall ratings because of politics and stack ranking. Don't pretend that the recent NY Times article was all about "isolated incidents". I'm an 8 year veteran and I no longer recommend former peers to interview with Amazon.

Amazon is doing lot's of cool stuff There are really well run teams The experience for software managers and engineers is all over the board, from really run low operational load teams to teams where people burn out after a year. You can generally expect that anyone who's been here for more than 2 years is competent and motivated or they wouldn't have survived.

You can count on them as long as your priorities are aligned. There aren't many slackers here, and they don't survive long. No one is going to take you by the hand and help you with that. The strong survive and the weak perish metaphorically speaking and the 'bar' is constantly increasing.

The level of performance that would have been acceptable five years ago will get you canned today. It's a kind of crucible that'll help you develop a harder edge, if you can survive, that can serve you well in your career and in life, but it's often not a pleasant experience. I wouldn't recommend it as a place to work for just anyone. Stack ranking is a horrible practice since it's rife with favoritism.

It's also not Amazonian in that it's not data based arbitrarily designating a certain percentage of employees that must be put on performance management isn't a data driven criterion and it's not frugal effectively forcing an individual out of the company in one division who would make the grade in another is either retaining someone who doesn't meet the bar or a waste of talent.

The goal is to force managers to actually make the hard decisions about how their team members compare with each other not everyone can be exceptional , but it has more defects than virtues. Replace it with a common comparison of each person against the bar for their position, based on data. The percentages that are assigned to each performance category will turn out how they turn out, but there will be an evaluation mechanism that's fair and frugal.

This company gets A list performance from C list employees. The culture is quick and hard charging. You are always working in relevant and meaningful projects. Maybe because the company recruits C listers who have neither merit intelligence, strategic vision nor pedigree academic or professional accomplishments , most of those who become successful do so in treacherous, low cunning ways.

This is every day leadership behavior at Amazon. The culture at Amazon is so infested with these middling talent weasels who have juked the stats and schemed their way to positions of power that new employees coming in actually start thinking that this behavior is normal and expected if you want to "manage people. Any left leaning political aspirant would look at this business organism and immediately have content to lash out against the corruption that can come in free enterprise where hard work is not rewarded, and the connected, incestuous, privileged class lounge their way to wealth while treating their employees and customers like some kind of filth their shoe picked up on the street.

There is nothing I can write here that you would deign listen to, because you are a hack. You must be mad that Expedia beat you to the punch and hired Chelsea Clinton to serve on their board of directors. For those grasping Weasels that have squirmed and back stabbed your way to success, you know who you are. You won't care what is written here because "You got yours, Eff them. It is the only means to be safe. Great starting pay and the ability to get raises very quickly. Full training in all areas are offered and if your willing to work hard and sweat everyday for 10 hours a day, 4 days a week, then this is the job for you.

The 4 day weeks go by quick, it can be exhausting so proper rest and a healthy lifestyle will help you stay strong within this company. Beat benefits as well once you are a hired on as a full time employee. Your expected to want to move up in the company and that is the only way to make a better hourly wage, by advancing into management and operations management positions if there are any openings.

The culture and reputation of amazon will never change unless you want it to and set the tone from the top. Try using some customer obsession with employees- as management, employees are YOUR customers. One of the more interesting parts about the site are the company reviews written by employees and they certainly say a lot about company culture.

Here are some examples of what employees think about working at Amazon and Microsoft, two of the biggest corporations in Seattle. You can see all of reviews for Amazon and Microsoft at Glassdoor.

Promotions are gated by well written promo guidelines with focus on delivery, and impact, not on internal politics.

People spend less time campaigning for their own promotions seen cons. TOP performers are heavily compensated. Most individual contributor job families only have 4 levels junior, mid, senior, principal with very few people in the upper two levels. Big raise on promotion happen less frequently.

Average raises for the average people. You have a great way to gain experience through mentor-ships. Amazon has a very casual work environment. Restaurants around campus are somewhat expensive. No free Amazon Prime or Kindle Fires. Higher levels taking credit for work done by their employees. Very internally focused, MS competes more internally than it does externally.

Excellent challenges, always keeps you busy.

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Working with Amazon doesn't really have any benefits other than working from your home office. You expect to be working directly with customers, but they could swap you to another department without much notice, or even /5(K). Typical day is 10 hours long (More if you are member of management.) Learned how balance labor, employee relations, project management. Management was middle of the road, had some that I really liked and some that were just OK. Culture at Amazon promotes team work and working safely. Hardest part of the job was conditions to /5(K). 24, Amazon reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees/5(K).


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