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In the department I work, teamwork is very important in delivering quality service to each member. What each of those paths have in common is advocating for and helping our Members along the road of life. Upload your resume Sign in. Learn more about opportunities:. Dad gave me his car to go to NY to work.

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AAA is one flat annual payment, no system of monthly payments The coverage is for the person, not the vehicle - if you are a passenger in someone else's car, they will come out to assist The coverage is not restricted to the state you live in I don't know the annual limits on road service calls The few times I've needed to use the coverage, I just called their toll-free number, gave them my membership number, and they sent help.

I've had them come for a keys-locked-in-the-car and a flat tire; my son who also has coverage has had his car towed from a fast food parking lot to a friend's yard when he couldn't get the ignition lock to disable.

AAA figures three service calls a year as the average, but I'm not sure how strict they are on that; I've never gone over one a year. Member for many years. You need to ask the AAA rep these Q's. Which triple AAA batteries last the longest? How come Scandinavia does everything conservatives say will destroy your economy Answer Questions I got my learner s permit when I was 17 but I turned 18 so does that mean I still have to wait 6 months to get my driver s license in cali?

Recently bought a new truck and dealership has issued me tags from different county from where i live. Can I still use tags? Dad gave me his car to go to NY to work. I am in military. Do i need to change registration name? Only in NY for less than 7 months.? How much is car insurance for 16 year old in Michigan?

You can be red flagged when putting in for too many jobs in different areas of the company to try and broaden your knowledge or learn other aspects of our products and services they sell. If beginning in the Call Centers, the conditions of the area are not that great.

Difficult to advance, transfer, broaden your knowledge unless you know someone and are very well liked. Great Place to Work. Loved owning this company and setting my own hours,, yet it is still on a call by call basis.

I need something more steady for my daughters future, as i am a single dad raising her by myself. I witness a manager dying there in front of all on phones it was a regular work day sad. Got calls from dispatch was given location and was asked ETA for call to be answered. Either towed changed tire battery or jumped started car.

Checked vehicle before taking out on the road. AAA was a good place to work until the management at the corporate level was changed due to the retirement of the CEO and the merger with Auto Club South. I feel that the work environment is far more toxic than when I first started there. It seems that the performance requirements put in place by the new management are designed to "set you up for failure".

In addition, the new management is forcing employees to change their schedules through the "shift bid" process which is causing undue stress on family life.

As a result, I don't feel the company is "employee friendly" or "family friendly". So I am preparing to go somewhere else.

LiveOps , a company that gives people the opportunity to work from home creating your own business. You have flexibility to work when the commits work. Want to know more about AAA? Accounting for sales reps Leader of DMV, registered out of state cars, registered cars personally bought, took payments for registration,ordered personnel plates or new replacements plates for people.

Ordered supplies for office plus travelers checks of whichever ones we were low on. Order supplies for DMV. The culture in Claims I cant say is the best, but its manageable. Can be very busy, depending on weather related events.

New management taking initiative to increase the moral but still a work in progress. Management do not have care for top performers, they prefer agents who are constantly complainig over ignorant stuff, favoritism is huge here. It should be about performance and seniority. Supervisors lack on taking complaint calls they prefer for insureds to hold for hours then for them to take the call.

Its a dying company anyway. Everyone feels overworked and largely underpaid or unappreciated. Get hassled about meetings, work hours, more and more training time, and any customer issues, without getting more pay or good bonuses, or flexibility.

Customer issues are mostly out of your control but you'll get blamed for them anyway if customer wants freebies, or is just grumpy.. No protection provided against this. These people are nothing less than conmen. It is a very tight nit management and they make decisions that only help them get rid of problems not solve them. I have recently filed suit against them.

There's really no place to begin with this place. There's truly no worst place to work. Honestly, their only saving grace was their hourly wage. The management is clueless and answers questions quite frankly with "I don't know. The turnover rate is as high as the population of Florida surprised they even have people left to hire.

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AAA possessed characteristics of a company that I wanted to be a part of and build a career. My military experience taught me the importance of teamwork. In the department I work, teamwork is very important in delivering quality service to each member. AAA and CAA are equal-opportunity employers. Note: Working permits/green cards are required to work outside the country of citizenship. AAA - American Automobile Association Jobs with Remote, Part-Time or Freelance Work Check out great remote, part-time, freelance, and other flexible jobs with AAA - American Automobile Association! Here's an introduction to AAA - .


Join the AAA workforce today! Click here to begin searching through our job opportunities. Sign In Home Loans; Mortgage Loans; Home Equity Loans; Home Equity Lines of Credit; Manage My Money; We believe that employees work at their personal best when they are challenged, enjoy their work, and are given the opportunity to grow and. AAA is looking for work-from-home travel agents to help customers book their vacations. AAA needs reliable people to join their customer service team. Work from Home Jobs – AAA – Benefits and Virtual Training. AAA — the folks who send roadside help when you’ve got car trouble — is hiring part-time work from home Customer Service Call Takers. You’ll be the Roadside Assistance person! This job is with AAA’s mid-Atlantic area, so applicants must live in NJ, DE, PA, VA or MD.

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